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March 29, 6:30 pm

Location: 3176 Lake Breeze Circle

All homeowners are welcome!

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Board of Directors :

The Bylaws were amended in 2004 to increase the number of Board members from three to five. The present members of the Board are listed below. You can email all of them at

Graham Ford
Director At Large

Graham was born in Great Britain and moved to Lake Ajay in 2002. He is an active Realtor as well as a tech guru. Graham was elected to the Board in 2013. His term expires in November 2019.

Julie Fortunato

Julie was elected to the Board in 2014 and her term expires in 2017. She and her husband David relocated here from south Florida in 2003 with their two children David and Gianna. Julie
worked with the events committee for the last 8 years and decided to run for the board because she liked the way it kept this community running in a positive direction and she plans on following that lead. She and David own a small business and mainly work from home.  Her kids are very active in travel hockey which keeps her running with practice and games.  In her free time she enjoys cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Dieter Heilmann

Dieter Heilmann was born & raised in Germany, moving to the U.S. in 1983. He has lived in Lake Ajay since 1986.  He is a bartender and former financial advisor, and was a charter founder of the Osceola County Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association. Dieter was appointed to the Board in February 2006; he was re-elected in 2006 & 2009 and his term of office runs until November 2015.

Adrienne Howarth

Adrienne is a native from Central Florida and moved to Lake Ajay in 2015 with her husband Adam and two children, Ethan and London. Once moving in, she realized quickly that she wanted to be an active member of the community and immediately joined the events & holiday decor committees. She has been a graphic designer since 2001 and enjoys sewing, crafts and working with her husband on home projects. Adrienne doesn't ever want to leave Lake Ajay and is committed to helping as much as she can for the neighborhood she loves! Adrienne was elected in 2016 and her term expires in 2019.

Anthony Megale

Anthony was born in the Bronx NY and moved to Florida in 1995. He and his wife Beth moved to Lake Ajay in 2003. He knew then that "we had found our forever home, a place to raise our family, a place where our children will bring their children home for the holidays, a place to grow old together. The friends we have made and the closeness of the people in the community has been the added bonus." He has worked in the Transportation Industry for over 30 years and is currently a VP of Transportation for a food distribution company. He was elected to the Board in 2014 and his term expires in 2017.



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