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News & Events :

Ajay Events

Significant LAV events are listed below. Please note that dates, times, locations & details are subject to change. Check back for updates & further details. Past events are shown in green.

Jan 25

January Board Meeting

Feb 25

February Board Meeting

Mar 6

Tenting Tonight in the Old Camp Ground


Lake Ajay Garage Sale
Semi-annual chance to clean out your garage.

Mar 27

Easter Egg Hunt
Cancelled due to a lack of RSVPs.

Apr 1

Board Meeting

Apr 10

Meet and Greet
Community get-together with the Board and Lake Ajay volunteers.
Apr 18

Neighbors Helping Neighbors
The Landscape & Events Committee are joined forces in a workday to help clean up Lake Ajay after the winter damage--trimming, mowing, cutting limbs, etc. The Events Committee served hot dogs & drinks on Track B.

Apr 23 Relay for Life
The Lake Ajay Clowns Team raised over $4,600 to support the The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life at Lake Nona. This event gives everyone a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer; remember loved ones lost; and fight back against the disease. The Clowns were awarded the Spirit Trophy for their effort.
Apr 25

Board Meeting

May 15
Movies in the Park
Back by popular demand. Both kids and adults enjoyed Alvin & the Chipmunks on Tract B.
May 22 3rd Annual Wine Tasting Party
Kissimmee vintner John Siudut, owner of Vintage Vino, supplied and discussed a selection of wonderful wines from around the world.
May 27

Board Meeting

Jul 1

Board Meeting

Jul 17 Tract B Clean-up Party
Aug 25

Board Meeting

Sep 21

Board Meeting

Oct 23 Octoberfest Celebration
Beer, soft drinks, brats, kraut, potato salad. Bring your favorite German dessert.
Nov 17

Annual HOA Meeting

Dec 6

Board Meeting