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News & Events :


Mar 6 Movies in the Park
Mar 21 Annual Garage Sale

Apr 4

Easter Egg Hunt
Many gathered to dye eggs, color pictures, eat hot dogs and have fun with their neighbors.

Apr 24/25 Relay for Life
Residents supported the American Cancer Society by teaming up to take turns walking laps in this overnight fundraiser. Lake Ajay raised over $3,500 and was awarded the Rookie of the Year and the Best Booth.
Jul 11
Wine Tasting PartyMany Ajayers gathered to enjoy a selection of wine, cheeses, other tasty treats, as well as cameraderie with their neighbors.
Aug 30

Members' Special Meeting
Important meeting to discuss & vote on proposed amendments related to the sale of "Tract C". Click here for more information.

Oct 29

October Board Meeting

Oct 30

Halloween for Kids
Kids and adults alike enjoyed a frighteningly good time at the Tennis Courts.

Nov 7

Lake Ajay Garage Sale
Everybody's trash is someone's treasure.

Nov 14
All You Can Eat Seafood Fest
Nearly 40 AJers feasted on Cioppoino--a delicious blend of Crab, Shrimp, Mussels, Clams & Cod in tomato-based soup--prepared by Ty Trudeau at the new Tract B barbeque.
Nov 19

Annual General Meeting
Fish Camp

Dec 21

December Board Meeting