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Next Board Meeting

March 29, 6:30 pm

Location: 3176 Lake Breeze Circle

All homeowners are welcome!

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Please feel free to contact the appropriate committee if you have any suggestions or issues to submit. Also, please contact Donna Hoffman ( if you are willing to help support the community in a volunteer capacity.

Members Tel. E-mail
Events and Hospitality
Please click here for a copy of the latest Neighborhood Guide.

Julie Fortunato1 407-957-0233
Kathy Ginkel 407-957-0671
Front Gate Decorations
Sandra Nottenkamper 309-287-1517
Landscaping, Maintenance  Improvements
Anthony Megale 407-957-0620
Dieter Heilmann>2 407-891-0543
Bill Hoffman1 407-892-9358
Hearing Committee
Please click here for Hearing Committee Procedures.
Steve Barnick 407-891-0932
Steven Michael 407-957-6616
Bob Turner1 978-729-6419
Neighborhood Watch Committee
Kevin Anderson 407-267-5453
Paul Connor 407-957-1678
Jan D’Errico1 407-892-2149
Ken Hughes 321-576-3940
Mike Riley 407-891-1099
Christian Simeone 407-242-4517
Roads/Drainage (ad hoc)
Dino D’Errico 407-892-2149
Robert Jopling1 407-957-0819
David Mahler 407-891-1867
Kathy Ginkel2 407-957-0671
Donna Hoffman2 407-892-9358
Water (ad hoc)
Mike Riley 407-891-1099
1 Chairperson
2 Board Representative


Revised 02/02/2014