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Next Board Meeting

March 29, 6:30 pm

Location: 3176 Lake Breeze Circle

All homeowners are welcome!

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Committees :

In 2006, the Board established a number of volunteer committees to help build a sense of LAV community and to assist the Board of Directors in planning and implementing LAV improvements. The following table summarizes the scope of the active committees. Click on the name of the Committee for additional information. 

Please feel free to contact the appropriate committee if you have any suggestions or issues to submit. Also, we urge you to  contact Donna Hoffman ( if you are willing to help support the community in a volunteer capacity.

Committee Scope
Events Create, schedule, plan and deliver community events and celebrations within prescribed budgets.
Hospitality Create welcome packages; personally visit new members; serve as mentor for new members.
Landscaping, Maintenance and Improvements Care for front gate, fence, light bulbs, plantings, sprinklers, decorations; debris pick-up; organize work parties; make recommendations for improvements.
Architectural Control Review house plans, changes and tree removal proposed by members. 
Communications Publish newsletter; maintain website; produce member communications as requested.
Hearing Review unresolved covenant violations prior to the levying of fines, attempt to resolve the situation, and make related recommendations to the Board of Directors. Click here for Procedures.
Neighborhood Watch Monitor and report issues related to vandalism, theft, unauthorized visitors,etc.
Ad Hoc Roads/Drainage Assess drainage problems; ascertain professional advice; provide guidance to homeowners re drainage issues; make recommendations.
Ad Hoc Water Contact Toho Water.


Revised 05/03/2016