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March 29, 6:30 pm

Location: 3176 Lake Breeze Circle

All homeowners are welcome!

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Welcome to our web site

Lake Ajay Village is a private community located between Lake Ajay and Narcoossee Road (S.R. 15) in Osceola County, Florida, just south of the Orange County line. 

This web site has been created to serve as a forum for communications by and for homeowners and residents of Lake Ajay Village in an effort to foster community spirit. It is the official web site of the Lake Ajay Village Homeowners Association (LAVHOA).

To navigate the site, select an area from the main menu of links at the top of the page. If there are sub-levels for that area, they will appear as a drpp-down menu from which you can choose.

The web site is continually under development. Information will be updated and new features will be added as needed. If you are part of the Lake Ajay Village community and have any suggestions for content or revisions, please contact the webmaster.

The Board of Directors has decided to provide a copy of the next Board meeting agenda a few days in advance. To see it, click the link on the left under Board Meeting, or selecte Protected Area from the menu at the top. You will need a user name and password to get there. You can request these by selecting the Private Area from the menu.

Revised 03/06/2017